Meet Our Physicians

Chantilly Pediatrics

part of Chantilly Family Medicine

Days Open

Hours Of Operation

Monday - Friday

8AM - 5PM


8AM - 12PM

Chantilly Phone#         (703)956-6757

Aldie / Dulles Phone# (571)758-2330


Meet our Physicians seeing patients in Chantilly,VA and Ashburn/Aldie VA

Your Kids will love them and you will too.

Our Family Physicians and 

Nurse Practitioner

Our Pediatricians

Dr Kanika Govil MD

Dr Kanika Govil MD

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Dr Asma Islam MD

Hena Islam Ahsan FNP

Dr Jenie Ferrer DO

Dr Nirupama Gupta MD

Dr Jenie Ferrer DO

Dr Jasmine Virk MD

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